1. How many homes went on the market in June? 13
2. How many homes sold last month? 6 (7 less then May). Summer hit and it hit fast and hard.
Click here to see all of the Homes that closed in June.
3. What was the least and most expensive home that sold last month?
Least:Townhouse Listed for $304,000 Sold for $295,000, 154 DOM
Most:Dunwoody Trl  Listed for $598,000 sold for $580,000 142 DOM
June 2016 12 homes sold.
The least expensive was a Capri for $280,000
The most expensive was a Dunwoody Trl $615,000
4. Were there any foreclosures sold or listed?
There were 0 foreclosure that sold last month.
There are 0 for sale right now in Verona Walk.
At this moment there are 71 homes for sale in Verona Walk.
Down 3 from last month. Yes, keep coming down!
5. What was the average D.O.M. for homes sold last month? 61
6. What percent of the asking price did sellers get? 97.5%
7. What is a great home for sale right now in Verona Walk? Click HERE:  Townhome: 8337 Rimini Way

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