Monthly Minute Update for December, 2012

At the beginning of each month I am going to give you a snapshot of the previous months activity within VeronaWalk. I will answer the following 9 questions each month:

1.   How many homes went on the market last month? 12

2.  How many homes sold last month? 5

3.  What was the least and most expensive home sold?

          Least: Capri on Xenia Ln Listed $184,900 Sold $177,900 (110 DOM) Foreclosure.  

          Most: A new Capri on Karina Ct Listed $259,000 Sold $256,000 (62 DOM)

4.  Were there any foreclosures or short sales sold or listed?

          There were not any short sales and only 1 foreclosure sold last month.

          There were was 1 home listed as a short sale and no foreclosures listed last month.

          * Of note 1 home listed last month had a contract with in 7 days.

          There are currently 43 homes for sale in Verona Walk (up 4 from last month).

5.  What was the average D.O.M. for homes sold last month? 125 (down from 140)

6.  What percent of the asking price did sellers get? 95.2% (last month 95.7)

7.  What is the best deal right now in Verona Walk?

          Just listed is a large 2,667 Square Foot, 4 bedroom 3 bath Carlyle Home. Asking price is the lowest of it’s size at $409,900

8.  What was a fun activity in Verona Walk last month? 

         Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony was on December 3rd from 6 pm-8 pm. There were so many cookies, brownies, cakes, pies, chocolates and other Christmas goodies. The Verona Walk choir sang and there was even some tap dancing. The new residents in Verona Walk were able to hang ornaments on the Christmas Tree. It was a night of fun as the town centers ball room was filled with so many people that seating had to be arranged in the lobbies.

9.  What is a fun activity that Verona Walk is doing this month?

          Kayaking with the Manatees is going to be Tuesday January, 22nd. Enjoy the butterfly garden, manatees and walking paths as Verona Walk residents go down the Orange River in Fort Myers.