1. How many homes went on the market in January? 14
2. How many homes sold last month? 9 (down 1 from December)
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3. What was the least and most expensive home sold last month?
Least: Townhouse on Josefa Way Listed for $309,000 Sold for $295,000 115 DOM
Most: Dunwoody Ln on VeronaWalk Cir Listed for $559,900 sold for $515,000 195 DOM
December 2015 11 homes sold.
The least expensive was a Capri  $272,000
The most expensive was a Oakmont  $430,000
4. Were there any foreclosures sold or listed?
There were 2 foreclosure that sold last month.
There are 0 for sale right now.
At this moment there are 78 homes for sale in Verona Walk.
Up 10 from last month.
5. What was the average D.O.M. for homes sold last month? 170 (Highest it’s been in 5 yrs. )
6. What percent of the asking price did sellers get? 96.8% up a little from last month. Lower priced homes closer to asking price. Higher priced homes had more negotiation room. Up to $45,000 off ask price.
7. What is a great home for sale right now in Verona Walk? Capri Pool home with a long lake view:  7474 Emilia Ln 
Listed at $349,900. 
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