1. How many homes went on the market in February 2015? 22 (up 2 from January)

2. How many homes sold last month? 17 ( Up 6 from last month)  

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3. What was the least and most expensive home sold last month?

Least: Capri on Rozzini Ln Listed for $249,900 Sold for $242,200 in 65 days 

Most: Carlyle on Donatello Ct Listed for $537,500 Sold for $515,000 in 115 days

January 2014 only 3 homes sold.

The least expensive was a Capri on Rozzini Ln at $243,000

The most expensive was an Oakmont on Hernando for $386,500

4. Were there any foreclosures or short sales sold or listed?

There were no short sale sold.  There was 1 foreclosure last month that sold.

There were no short sales or foreclosure listed last month.

 There are currently 3 foreclosure on the market and no short sales. 

 At this moment there are only 47 homes for sale in Verona Walk (same inventory amount as last month)

 5. What was the average D.O.M. for homes sold last month?  75 (slightly above average)

6. What percent of the asking price did sellers get? 96.8%

7. What is a great home for sale right now in Verona Walk Naples?  

Dunwoody’s, there are none on the market and we need some. If you own a Dunwoody and are thinking of selling or your want your neighbor who owns a Dunwoody to move let me know and I’ll help. The market is hot for these right now. 

 If you have questions about selling your home give me a call or send me a quick email.Also, who do you know that is looking to buy a home in or around Verona Walk? I appreciate all referrals. Send them my contact info or send me theirs.

P.S. Do you want to know the value of you home? Click Here:  https://veronawalknaplesflorida.com/do-you-know-the-value-of-your-home/