Video Link for Lee & Collier County 2023 Stats:

1. How many homes went on the market in Dec: 4(down 6 from last month)

2. How many homes are currently for sale: 26 (down 2 from last month) Click here to see those homes:

3. How many homes sold in Verona Walk Naples last month? 5 CLICK HERE to see these 5 homes in detail.

4. What was the least and most expensive home that sold last month?

Least: Capri on Firenze listed for $594,000 Sold for $582,000 under contract in 215 days.

Most: Carlyle Pool home on Sicilia Listed for $939,000 sold for $915,000 Under Contract in 107 days.

0 of the 5 homes sold at or above asking price.

December 2022 10 homes sold

2022 YTD 116 homes sold

2023 YTD 78 homes sold

5. Were there any foreclosures sold or listed? No and No

There are no foreclosures for sale right now in Verona Walk

6. What was the average D.O.M. for the 5 homes that sold last month? 23

Reminder: This does not include homes that do not or have not sold

7. What percent of the asking price did sellers get? 95.6%

8. How many are Pending right now in Verona Walk Naples? 10

9. What’s a great home for sale right now in Verona Walk? A tip lot Oakmont on Tomassi.

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