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My name is John See.  I am a local real estate agent here in Naples, Florida. Each month I am going to answer the following 7 questions helping you understand what has happened in this great community of Verona Walk Naples.  So lets talk about last month.

1.  How many homes went on the market last month? 11

2.  How many homes sold last month? 6

In July 2012 only 3 homes sold. The least expensive was $212,500 and the most expensive was $252,500. A very big difference this July the least expensive and most expensive were:

 3.  What was the least and most expensive home sold?

Least: Town house on Sorrento Ln. Listed for $234,900 Sold for $224,000

Most: Cambridge on Benelli Ct Listed for $449,990 Sold for $435,000 (newer resale models)

 4.  Were there any foreclosures or short sales sold or listed?

There were no short sales or foreclosures sold last month.

There were 0 homes listed as a foreclosure last month and only 1 short sales listed

 There are currently 38 homes for sale in Verona Walk (down 5 from last month) The inventory has been shrinking over the last 4 months.

 5.  What was the average D.O.M. for homes sold last month? 93 (the lowest I’ve seen it in 3 years!)

6.  What percent of the asking price did sellers get? 96.1% (Up 2% from last month

7.  What is a great home for sale right now in VeronaWalk?

The question is not what is a great home for sale right now but what is not for sale. There are currently no Town Homes for sale. I have watched this market for 3 years and have never seen this happen. What does it mean for the owners of these Town Homes. It means you are in the drivers seat, a seller’s market. The prices of these town homes have steadily increased 30% in the last 2 years! It was just last year that you could buy one for under $200k. No longer. The least expensive town home sold in the last 3 months went for $224k.

So if you have questions about selling your home or know somebody who does give me a call or send me a quick email. Look below to see my phone number and email address.

As always thanks for watching and have a great month!



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